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Bianca + Daniel



The alchemy of two go getters. Bianca is a women’s health coach and Daniel is a cheeky footy player and the two of them got married at Alice’s Wedding Garden in Margaret River. Both the ceremony and reception were held outdoors amongst the gorgeous English inspired landscape.

After the ceremony we spent some time alone with the newlyweds and their bridal party- I don’t think we stopped laughing? This group was full of banter, super laid back and so much fun. Bianca and Daniel’s plethora of friends and family that flew in from all over Australia to celebrate their love was a testament to the kind of people they are.

It was obvious these two focused on the important stuff when planning their reception; food, alcohol and music!! After devouring Mexican inspired canapes and a huge serving of paella, everyone enjoyed the live music and got wild on the dance floor (which went off all night!). If guests didn’t have their hand wrapped around a Margaret River Colonial Brewing Co Small Ale, they were drinking Prosecco from the bottle.

From the intimate ceremony to the outstanding party that followed- we had a blast capturing these two and their awesome friends.


Bianca-Daniel-wedding 001
Bianca-Daniel-wedding 002
Bianca-Daniel-wedding 003
Bianca-Daniel-wedding 004
Bianca-Daniel-wedding 005
Bianca-Daniel-wedding 006
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