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Katelin + Ryan


Katelin and Ryan are the epitome of a cool Denmark couple. A winemaker and an OT, they have living down south sussed. Their wedding was a beautiful expression of how they roll. Ryan and his mates built a staircase to the beach (as the one provided had washed away), and Katelin brought a folk vibe to the styling;
it was Denmark all over.

Katelin and Ryan were married by family friend Michael Loney at Lights Beach in Denmark, Western Australia. Caterers Henderson & Hwang from Kendenup, WA served up amazing spit roasted pork and lamb. Flowers were designed by Nadia James, a friend of the couple. The semi naked cake wedding was made by the brides sister Jennifer Dean. DJ Jimmy Kinsella provided the beats, furniture was hired from Showgoat Vintage, Denmark. Tamara from Little Secret Makeup and Sarah from The Beauty Bungalow styled all the girls beautifully.

Our post-ceremony shoot was held in a secret glen where blackberry hedges have grown wild. We then headed back to Katelin and Ryan's house where the fun continued. The day was relaxed and the guests who came from far and wide, partied on like there was no tomorrow.


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