Wedding Photography Denmark WA



We are Ashleigh and Holii - Aussie wedding photography duo. Based in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. We share an idealised view of our ancient southern coastline, scanning for misty horizons, granite mountain tops and vast oceans.

"Holii is the epitome of an artist, she is creative in every sense. By utilising her illustrative skills, she underpins a full time career in graphic design. You can tell by her vogue, minimalistic, yet laid back look that she is a lover of unique style. Holii is witty and an absolute spontaneous blast. The photos she captures have purpose and intention, they provide a piece to your puzzle; the context to your story. I’m yet to meet someone she doesn’t totally woo. You have to wonder why I became her business partner right?"

-Ashleigh Needs


"Ashleigh is the rock in The Wilds. An over-achiever who has an incredible perception for style and capturing the moment. She critiques and analyses every element of a shoot down to minute detail. She's about to graduate with a degree in social work.
She is the one you can count on to be up til midnight and rising at dawn. Always a shoulder to lean on - and cracks me up endlessly. I have great admiration for this girl."

-Holii Carmody