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        This is how we came to be 'In The Wilds'

        Our Journey

        Our shared love of photography became a business one day in the supermarket when we bumped into each other doing the groceries. We had been floating the idea for quite some time and bit the bullet right there in the deli section.

        We shoot every wedding together, and have developed some secret signs, winks, nods and swear words which we use to communicate with each other. We thoroughly enjoy working together and our aesthetic has grown as one. Even though we have a distinct shared style, it is nice to have two perspectives to work with. And someone there to have your back.

        Outside of our wedding photography project, we’re both working on other things. Holii is a full-time graphic designer with a little studio-office in town, and Ashleigh has just graduated a bachelor degree in social work.

        If you would like to meet us to discuss your wedding, please get in touch as we would love to meet you.